GoodCore has developed solutions using Node.js for real time web applications and services for our customers looking for robust, highly responsive web solutions to integrate with the Mobile Applications. Using Javascript on the web server has allowed our developers to reduce any impediments between two development environments which can communicate using data structures in JSON format.

Our recent node.js projects
Botnik - The Intent Network

Botnik app is kind of an intent network where you just tell the botnik what you wanted and have it figure out how to get it. Botnik does the shouting, connecting and analyzing for you.

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Branch Tracker
Branch Tracker

Branch Tracker is an Enterprise Mobile application designed for in house communication for a leading bank in Malaysia. With their growing branch network and human resources, our client was facing challenges every day with slower communication among their internal team and we want to make the access to all their network fast and easy.

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Node has changed the way our developers create real time web applications. Javascript is much more lightweight for expressing functionality. It’s hard to prove this with words, but JSON, dynamic typing, lambda notation, prototype inheritance, lightweight modules allow our developers to use way less code to develop similar functionalities in any other server side technology.

What is Node.js

Node.js is a server side technology designed to help developers create highly scalable and fast web servers using Javascript using an event driven and asynchronous architecture which helps minimize I/O overheads. Node.js is highly scalable to thousands of active connections. Very fast and very efficient. For a web cluster, this could mean a 10X reduction in the number of servers required versus other leading Web Server Technologies.

Easy to Learn

Ever since Node was introduced into the market, it gained significant attention and a lot of times being compared to Ruby on Rails. Since Node is built upon Google V8 Engine which was primarily written using JavaScript, the barriers to adopting it are remarkably low. And the reason to choose Node for low latency real time web applications is increasingly compelling.

Since the platform requires knowledge of just JavaScript which in itself is an established language, the front end developers can work seamlessly with backend without requiring learning other languages to write server side components.

Code Re-use At Every Level: Browser, Backend & Database

JavaScript is the language of the browser, but JavaScript also powers many of the new NoSQL databases. We tried out MongoDB in our Botnik project and quickly fell in love with it.

MongoDB uses JavaScript for querying and data retrieval hence there are instances where we were able to reuse our code written as a parser for the browser for formatting a report executed on the database.

Taking this one step further, we can standardize the include mechanism to actually reuse code and modules across the layers. This means all layers can include the same file, massively reducing the maintenance need of code and cutting down the time required to write tests.

Event Driven Programming

The beauty that Node holds is in the model of event based programming with no blocking I/O. Node.js is all about making low latency, event driven, concurrent web applications. Being asynchronous in nature, Node.js takes up way less resources allowing developers to get out a lot from fewer servers, not allocating any resources while it waits for a response.
Other languages like Erlang used by Facebook Chat and Tornado used similar architectures but Node allowed developers to use the language they already knew to perform server side development.

Insanely Fast

Node.js if used right can be one of the fastest web server available for low latency web applications. Unlike other platforms like PHP with Apache, every PHP page being served leaves the PHP execution to a specific child process. Since every child process can handle one request at a time, other incoming requests have to wait. Mostly the maximum number of child requests are configured at the web server end, developers usually get stuck identifying the right balance between maximum numbers of concurrent requests versus resources available.

Node.js running V8 at its heart is potentially 30% faster than a PHP request. But since every request is one single thread on the server, there is no inter process communication making Node.js more memory efficient.

Strong, Responsive and Enthusiastic Community

With new technologies being introduced to the market every now and then, the community that drives it plays a pivotal role in establishing it as a preferred platform for development. Node has an excellent community which contributes with new enhancements and modules to use and produce results in no time.

IRC, meetups, bloggers, Twitter and Github are all alive with the chatter and support of Node.js. But not only are they alive; there is an excitement which you don’t normally see on this scale.

Number of large companies like Microsoft, Linkedin, Yahoo, Ebay and Wallmart have already adopted Node in their products. Linkedin has seen some great results in high traffic with fast updates happening on their Home page.

Efficient Modules

Setting up an application with REST services works like a charm with Node.js. Modules like Node.js Express developers can generate high performance web handlers/methods in no time.

Node.js Management system (NPM) package is as good as it gets. Scalability wise applications written using Node can keep thousands of connections open with clients while performing data persistence. Few Famous modules are mentioned below:

  • Async: Async is a utility module which provides straight-forward, powerful functions for working with asynchronous JavaScript. Although originally designed for use with node.js, it can also be used directly in the browser.
  • Express: Web application framework for node.
  • Request: Simplified HTTP request method.
  • It aims to make real-time apps possible in every browser and mobile device, blurring the differences between the different transport mechanisms.
  • mongodb-native-driver: mongodb driver for node.
  • Winston: A multi-transport async logging library for node.
  • Passport.js: Simple, unobtrusive authentication for node.
  • Node-mailer: An easy to use module to send e-mails with node.
  • Forever: A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given script runs continuously.
  • engine: A declarative, data-retrieval and aggregation gateway for quickly consuming Http APIs.
Wealth of Hosting Options

There are various cloud hosting options available like SmartMachine, Heroku, Nodejitsu, Amazon EC2, Windows Azure which help our customers host their solutions in cost effective way.

What our clients say

  • Good to the Core!

    -Jeff Willis, Founder

    "GoodCore is a company that lives up to their name, (at least my interpretation of their name), they are a company that is Good to the Core, they have Good to the Core people working for them!... Read more..

  • Most reliable.

    -Brendan Blumer, Founder II5,,

    "I’ve spent the last decade building enterprise software to run E-commerce and Real Estate Management organizations, and I’ve found GoodCore to be the best and most... Read more..

  • Extremely satisfied.

    -Carlos Medina, Founder

    "GoodCore not only understood our needs, but constantly displayed this with discussions and follow-up demos. By the time the project was underway, we had no doubts as to the quality of the application being developed. We are ... Read more..

  • On time and on budget.

    -Ramiel G. Rashidi, Founder & CEO,

    "We started off by sending an informal set of requirements in an email to GoodCore. With the help of a prototype, and by asking all the right questions, they helped us realize and refine our idea... Read more..

  • Quick knowledge acquisition.

    -Mike Mintari, Founder GolfCatch Solutions

    "We emailed them a brief word document containing the outline of requirements we had in mind. GoodCore worked with us to learn about the industry and how the tee time reservation process... Read more..

  • Quality communication!

    -Michael Williamson, Founder Villissima

    "As part of our start-up plan, we needed to get the first version of the website up in a quality fashion but at a fairly low cost. It was easy to decide when we saw that GoodCore demonstrated... Read more..

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