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  • Solid experience with Microsoft Silverlight
  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Strong with UX design as well as programming
  • Multiple engagement options
  • Excellent process and tools for project management
  • Easy communication via chat, email, Skype, phone
  • Complete IP protection
  • Existing and past clients speak well of us!

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  • Total: 160 hours / month
  • Minimum period of hiring: 2 months
  • Billing: Monthly
  • Full-time hiring is suitable for on-going development work
  • Any Duration
  • Minimum period of hiring: 20 Hours
  • Billing: Weekly Advance
  • Hourly hiring is suitable for small, one-off requirements

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More about our Silverlight development services

Looking for a rich web experience? Wel then, you have found the right companion because GoodCore has been a Microsoft Certified Partner for Microsoft Silverlight since its inception. Over the years, experience has made us both rich and wise. Rich with popular clients and wise because we have advanced to providing the latest web-rich experience with Microsoft Silverlight 2.0, Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 and Microsoft Silverlight 4!

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Microsoft Silverlight is a cross platform and cross browser technology that assimilates animation, graphics, Interactivity and multimedia so that one may have a rich, highly impactful web-experience. The magic of Microsoft Silverlight is its flexible programming on .NET framework. It gives freedom to designers and developers for using different languages and character specific tools. Irrespective of the web browser and operating system that is being used, Microsoft Silverlight enables the user to have a completely fresh and enlightening web-experience!

GoodCore has garnered the best of Microsoft Silverlight web development expertise over the years. Our Microsoft Silverlight experts possess in-and-out knowledge of all the Microsoft Silverlight versions and are masters in business application development. Microsoft Silverlight web developers at GoodCore use the latest versions – Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 and Microsoft Silverlight 4 and engineer them for higher levels of interactivity.


  • Compatible with .NET languages and development tools.
  • Enriched with added features like (DLR- Dynamic Language Runtime)
  • Support for 3D graphics
  • Professional support – Deep Zoom WMA
  • Heightened content security & interactivity

At GoodCore Software, a Microsoft Silverlight Development Company in Malaysia, a group of talented Microsoft Silverlight web developers strive to develop plush user interfaces, animations and vector graphics with advanced Microsoft Silverlight plug-ins.

Experience the Magic of Microsoft Silverlight with GoodCore:


  • Rich internet applications (RIA) based on the latest Microsoft Silverlight technology
  • JavaScript integration with Microsoft Silverlight application development
  • Redesigning existing web application by using Microsoft Silverlight
  • Using Microsoft Silverlight technology for Complete Life Cycle Management of projects
  • Component development
  • Integration with SharePoint Server based web applications
  • Never-like-before UI, video, audio and animations
  • Plug-ins customization, implementation and development
  • Enhancement and maintenance of existing applications
  • Best quality Microsoft Silverlight application that are inexpensive
  • Extreme speed with Silverlight, AJAX-enabled websites
  • Highest quality video audio experience with smooth streaming of video /audio files on the internet with Microsoft Silverlight


  • Certified Partner for Microsoft Silverlight right since inception
  • Service excellence in Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 and Microsoft Silverlight 4
  • Enriched with cutting-edge WCF and WPF framework development skills
  • Flexible and proven project management methodology
  • Customized Microsoft Silverlight application development that suits your needs

The expanse of our work and expertise in Microsoft Silverlight has been reflected in our portfolio. GoodCore has handled complex projects with professionalism and technical mastery. To enjoy the boon of Microsoft Silverlight and transform your web-experience do get in touch with us!