Ethernet Provisioning System
Ethernet Provisioning System

EPS automates the process of Ethernet Provisioning. Traditionally, when Ethernet is to be provisioned, the network engineer has to push specific commands on a number of switches that can be from a mere three to tens of systems. This process of manually accessing and programming each involved switch can take up to an hour. Further, since a number of commands are to be pushed again and again, the margin of human error and frustration can increase. Thus having a software that automatically performs the above mentioned task on a number of switches, reduced the risk of human error, as well and the time incurred in it.

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Following are the key features of EPS
  • Discovery Tool: Discovery tool discovers the nodes (devices) and Subnets in the Network by connecting to router on secured console and executing the SNMP commands. Which information can be used to review the existing formed network, monitor and support/upgrade the software’s.
  • Provisioning Tool: Provisioning Tool is used for configuring two different routers/switch in different data centres or within a data centre by connecting to the discovered & available network on secured channel and execute the configurations.
  • Disconnect Tool: Disconnect tool is used to disconnect or suspend the connection between router/switch on a secured channel.
  • Administration Tool: Administration tool is used for user management and system monitoring support.
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