Custom CMS for Luxury Villa Rental Website
Custom CMS for Luxury Villa Rental Website

The website has a highly flexible custom developed CMS to allow fine-grained control of managing luxury property database. Content includes photos, slideshows, and large structured textual content. Within the CMS, we also a custom-built basic single entry accounting system that linked with the registration and booking process. Our custom CMS developers created a content management system using the PHP Zend framework that is easy to use and comprehensive with features which allow complete booking management of luxury villa properties.

The front-end is hand-coded by our team and tested in all popular web browsers. There was a requirement of a high level of precision when converting the design to code and we were able to do so while maintaining browser compatibility. The site makes use of XHTML, CSS, and AJAX skills. Do you need a custom CMS for your website? Our skilled CMS consultants should be able to help. Contact us today for an evaluation of your requirements.

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