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Small and compact, but packs a punch! That’s a tag line that is associated with every desirable thing today. Relate this to the web application development segment, and the name that springs to your mind is the CodeIgniter framework for PHP development. Primarily designed to integrate a minimal footprint and position itself as a compact yet effective toolkit for PHP development, CodeIgniter also provides excellent performance with nearly zero configuration overheads. Fully-featured web applications are easy to design, develop, and deploy using the CodeIgniter development framework.

GoodCore Software Advantage in CodeIgniter Framework Development
  • Cutting-edge expertise in seamless execution of PHP-based projects
  • Dedicated team of CodeIgniter developers experienced in the art of designing and developing PHP-based web applications
  • A CodeIgniter development team primed to harness the power of CodeIgniter 1.7 professional development and use it for developing your web application
  • Glitch-free and precise implementation of the CodeIgniter framework in web application development
  • Expertise in custom installation and migration over servers
  • State-of-the-art technical skills and expertise in leveraging the MVC architecture to integrate flexibility and ease-of-management into your application
  • Technical expertise in designing multi-platform CodeIgniter framework-based web applications
Why CodeIgniter Framework for PHP Development?

Mirroring the advantages of an open source content management system, the CodeIgniter framework positions itself as the optimum solution for web developers across the globe. Web developers across the world prefer CodeIgniter for rapid PHP application development. Providing simple solutions for web development in reduced timeframes, while still offering comprehensive documentation to ensure that every important aspect of the CodeIgniter-based web application development process is documented is an inherent advantage of the CodeIgniter framework. Eliminating the need for large monolithic libraries, CodeIgniter provides an easy-to-use development interface that facilitates smooth application development.

Advantages of CodeIgniter Framework
  • PHP application development framework with small footprint
  • High performance with minimal configuration overheads
  • Extensive compatibility with hosting accounts
  • Eliminates use of command line programming
  • Does not adhere to restrictive protocols of coding
  • Does not require learning a templating language
  • Simple web solutions with comprehensive documentation

You can hire CodeIgniter developers at GoodCore who will help translate all your web application requirements into finished products par excellence in astonishingly small time frames. You can count on GoodCore to leverage the CodeIgniter 1.7 professional development advantages for designing and developing your web application. We at GoodCore, pride ourselves for garnering extensive experience in designing web applications using the CodeIgniter framework for PHP development. Our list of satisfied clientele is our biggest asset and we would be happy to add you to the list by offering our cutting-edge services at your disposal!

What our clients say

  • Good to the Core!

    -Jeff Willis, Founder

    "GoodCore is a company that lives up to their name, (at least my interpretation of their name), they are a company that is Good to the Core, they have Good to the Core people working for them!... Read more..

  • Most reliable.

    -Brendan Blumer, Founder II5,,

    "I’ve spent the last decade building enterprise software to run E-commerce and Real Estate Management organizations, and I’ve found GoodCore to be the best and most... Read more..

  • Extremely satisfied.

    -Carlos Medina, Founder

    "GoodCore not only understood our needs, but constantly displayed this with discussions and follow-up demos. By the time the project was underway, we had no doubts as to the quality of the application being developed. We are ... Read more..

  • On time and on budget.

    -Ramiel G. Rashidi, Founder & CEO,

    "We started off by sending an informal set of requirements in an email to GoodCore. With the help of a prototype, and by asking all the right questions, they helped us realize and refine our idea... Read more..

  • Quick knowledge acquisition.

    -Mike Mintari, Founder GolfCatch Solutions

    "We emailed them a brief word document containing the outline of requirements we had in mind. GoodCore worked with us to learn about the industry and how the tee time reservation process... Read more..

  • Quality communication!

    -Michael Williamson, Founder Villissima

    "As part of our start-up plan, we needed to get the first version of the website up in a quality fashion but at a fairly low cost. It was easy to decide when we saw that GoodCore demonstrated... Read more..

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