FIX Simulator
Fix Simulator

This tool simplifies the process of FIX Protocol certification. Eliminates manual (telephone) testing. Sell side can quickly publish precise FIX test scenarios and instruct its buy side partners to certify against a simulated environment. Built-in support for algorithmic trades and custom FIX tags. Contact us today for a free consultation on how you can simplify your FIX testing requirements.

Our FIX simulator integrates with popular FIX engines and allows trading institutions to test their system for compatibility with their trading partner’s systems. The screenshot below shows the web application that was developed to configure and manage the rules of the simulation engine.

Note that FIX Protocol is the standard protocol that allows electronic connectivity between trading institutions like stock exchanges, execution brokers, investment management firms, and banks. Trading institutions have to test their trading software with their trading partners to verify system compatibility. This process of testing is complex and time consuming. Our team has years of experience developing software for the financial industry.

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Salient features of the system

  • Support for multiple FIX versions (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0)
  • Support for custom FIX tags
  • Support for Algo trading
  • Support for multiple instruments (Equities, Options, Futures, etc.)
  • Support for FIX protocol session level test scenarios show the web application that was developed to configure and manage the rules of the simulation engine

Highlights of the development work

Design, Development, and Technologies
  • Highly customizable meta-data based product design
  • Highly optimized, multi-threaded programming for the engine using .NET
  • Web-based simulation control system using ASP.NET
  • Integration with Cameron FIX engine
Quality Assurance
  • Stress testing
  • Unit Testing framework
  • Algo Trade testing
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